2012 Starry Nights Local Band Contest

We held five slots on the lineup for Bowling Green’s favorite local acts, and you made the final decision! The results are in and the votes were close. Thank you to all of the bands and thank you to all of the fans that voted. You helped create this line-up! Congrats to the winners and thank you to the Bowling Green scene.

Billy Swayze, The Black Shades, DroBot, Fair-Weather Kings, Heavy Chase, Thee Japanese School Girls, Opossum Holler, Patson, Rainbow Kitty Kitty, and Schools entered the contest and gave it their all. Thank you for your music and passion.

The 5 Local bands that will be performing at Starry Nights are Buffalo Rodeo, Canago, Mahtulu, The Sex Bombs, and Technology Vs. Horse.

Buffalo Rodeo

- Nathaniel Davis – Guitar
- Zach Preston – Vocals
- Ryan Gilbert – Drums
- Jordan Reynolds – Keys/Vocals
- Dave Hall – Bass

- We play Progressive Indie Rock with punchy drums, melodic bass riffs, ethereal synth textures, elaborate guitar tones, and addicting vocals.

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The five members of Canago joined forces in Bowling Green, KY in early 2009 to play an eclectic range of original music. With a steadily growing repertoire of diverse danceable songs, they have garnered praise everywhere they have performed. From their start with weekly house band gigs they are rapidly spreading to stages across the Southeast and Midwest.

Experiencing Canago live, audiences are treated to a unique performance each night. This brings a playful unpredictability to each show aided by an ever growing portfolio of both original material and cover songs. To pinpoint a genre would be difficult. Their songs evoke different moods yet always keep the congregation moving their feet.

Canago is constantly reaching out for new ground to cover and new friends to share in the experience.

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Pappi “Tadpole” Mendelez – Vox
Garth – Guitar
Doctor Django – Bass
Teknon – Drums

In a dark cave on Adams St, Mahtulu was conceived. It was later birthed all over the Bowling Green house-show scene. With a perfect blend of chaos and beauty, Mahtulu tickles the eardrum with fascinatin’ rhythms, melodies to kiss your sister to, spaghetti noodle guitar work, and creamy harmonies. WE FEEL FANTASTIC…

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The Sex Bombs

The Sex Bombs are a whirlwind of heavy distortion and haunting vocal melodies. Comprised of surfer turned lead singer Kane Stewart, Nashville natives Sam Haley on guitar, Matt McCord on bass, and Dave Miller on drums. With a live show more unpredictable than the weather of their home in Nashville The Sex Bombs combine surfer life with the raw power reminiscent of The Pixies. With the upcoming EP about to come out, produced by Brad Shultz (Cage the Elephant), the band has received a tremendous amount of response from the teasers released earlier this year. The Sex Bombs are a one of a kind live punk show and a ride to listen to.

Playing with the Growlers, Sleeper Agent, Morning Teleportation, J Roddey Walston & The Business, Pujol, The Kingston Springs, The Weeks, Turf War, Diarrhea Planet over the last year the Sex Bombs have spread their sound across a diverse audience. Summer of 2012 Brad Shultz of Cage the Elephant signed onto to produce the debut EP by The Sex Bombs. It is currently being recorded in Nashville, TN at Battle Tapes Recordings engineered by Jeremy Ferguson.

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Technology Vs. Horse

From Bowling Green, Kentucky, Technology Vs. Horse began as an avant garde noise rock band. In recent years the band has leaned towards experimental and progressive rock mixed with synth pop. They have played with such national acts as Tubring, Zechs Marquise (featuring members of the Mars Volta), Morning Teleportation, and defamed chiptunes artist-impersonator Laromlab. They have also been joined on stage numerous times by Cage The Elephant’s Matt Shultz as he claims to be a big fan. Their name is quoted from the Spike Jonze movie, Adaptation in reference to the film True Lies where Arnold Schwarzenegger chases a dirtbike with a horse.

TVH has played all over the southeast US, primarily the Bowling Green, Nashville, Louisville, and Evansville areas and has gained a loyal following. Highlights include playing Lebowski-fest 2008 and winning WKU’s Revfest Battle of the Bands in 2010 and 2011. To date the band has released 4 full length albums as well as a 7″ vinyl single. They are currently prepping the release of an e.p. as well as writing a 5th album.

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