Thank You from Matt and Brad of Cage the Elephant

Oct 4, 2012

As we began our planning for Starry Nights, we poured our hearts into creating a festival where everyone who came could make it their own. Our dream was that love would be shared, friendships would be made, art would be created and that the memories would live on in our hearts for a lifetime. Even with our wild imaginations we could not have foreseen the extent to which our high hopes would be dwarfed by what actually took place. From the tiniest detail to the highest heights, art bled out on to the canvas all around us and we stood back and watched in awe as a living and breathing organism was born.

Thank you Starry Nights. Thank you for being an instrument of humility for us and for being so much more then we could have ever dreamed. And with that being said, now that Starry has come to life, its kinda scary to think about what beauty awaits her in the years to come. Stay tuned…

Matt & Brad